How Can I Stop Worrying About Money?

There are some of us that worry about money a lot. This is usually because we feel out of control with our money and that we are not managing to easily pay for everything on the money that we earn. This is very common but there are fortunately things that we can do which will make it easier to reduce that worry.

Keep Household Accounts

This might sound tricky but it is much easier than it sounds. Just put together a very simple table with a list of the money that comes in to your household each month and the money that goes out. This will allow you to be able to keep track of what money comes in and where it all goes. Sometimes we feel that it disappears and we do not really know where.

By having written records, whether on a computer spreadsheet or just in a notebook, you will be able to get a good idea of what spending you have to do and what extra spending you do on top of that. So you will pay for necessities such as food, rent or mortgage, loan repayments, tax, utilities and travel to work and school as well as some basic clothes but it is likely that you will also buy extras as well such as eating our or take away food, jewellery and accessories, books, music, hobbies, holidays etc. Once you have identified where the money is going and on what things, you will be able to prioritise your spending and set a budget for the items that are not necessities. Then you will be able to make sure that you have enough for the items that you need.

Pay the Important Things First

So make sure that you always pay the most important items first. It can be easier to set up most of these payments to go out by standing order or direct debit so that you do not have to remember to pay them. Set these up to go out of your account when you just get paid and then you will know that there is plenty of money available to cover the cost of these things. There will be some things that you will not be able to do this with such as petrol and food, but if you can do it for most then this will be very helpful. Then make sure that you are aware, by looking back over past months, how much you will need to keep by for petrol and food and then you will always ensure you have enough.

Do not Overpay for Things

It is also wise to make sure that you compare prices on the things that you are buying. You will find that otherwise you could end up overpaying for things unnecessarily. Just make sure that there are not places where you can buy the items for that will be significantly cheaper. If there are, it is worth switching to them and saving the money. You can compare prices on lots of things and therefore could end up spending quite a bit less.

Hopefully just by spending a bit less and being more organised with paying bills as well as prioritising spending, you will feel much more in control. By keeping records you will know where your money is going as well. This should be able to help you to feel a lot less stressed about money, because you know where you are at and you can budget to make sure that you always have enough. Of course, you may feel that earning more could help you as well and this could be the next stage that will reduce your worry even more.

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